CoreKeep Wallet

Speed is very important to us. Our engineers do our best to make sure we remove needless animations and optimize poor performing code. The result is one of the fastest wallets available. At times, some unoptimized codepaths do slip through the cracks. In this version, we addressed a lot of bugs in speed.

This version also introduces some new coins we are really excited about. We’ve added Dogecoin and Brave’s BAT token. We will go through those in more detail on Reddit.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix bug where fonts were different sizes in the dropdown menus on the side bar.
  • Fix bug where a bad response from an API can cause a Exchange swap to not to generate.
  • Fix SyncRing colors for some tokens.
  • Add links to Reddit, Twitter, Telegram in the help menu.

If you find any bugs, hit us up via support or on Reddit.