Yesterday we opened up our waitlist for CoreKeep Wallet. Today we are excited to announce the first 11 coins that will be part of the initial launch. The first three we consider to be tablestake coins and you probably can guess what those three are: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Beyond that, we really dug into Blockmodo data to understand what tokens have the right momentum. Blockmodo is great because the platform does an amazing job of aggregating community, code checkins, news, and social media posts on a per project basis. There is really no site like it and has strong community support. Taking that into account, we focused our efforts for the first batch on the following projects:


The first is Bitcoin Cash. We like Bitcoin Cash because of its low fees. This is especially important when fees are so high because of network demand. The second one is ChainLink. ChainLink is becoming a critical project in the DeFi space because of its oracle functionality. We also really like what the Compound Dai team is doing.

The last chain is XRP. We were hesitant to add it because of the ongoing SEC litigation issues. That being said, we do like the technology and what the community has developed.

Stable Coins

We are picking a few stablecoins. The first is Tether which is the first and oldest stablecoin. The second is USDC which is backed by Coinbase. Both of these projects have the most adoption when it comes to trading pairs and is also heavily used by Blockmodo to determine streaming price data that CoreKeep Wallet relies on. A bit of an outlier is Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC, which is a peg to Bitcoin on Ethereum. We really like the ability for Ethereum users to have exposure to BTC.

Exchange Token

We looked at many exchange tokens and decided the strongest one is from Binance (BNB). They are running the project right and in a transparent manner.

What’s next?

We have over a 100 projects that we are taking a look it. If you have ideas, tweet at us @coreekep_hq and don’t forget to follow.

Getting CoreKeep Wallet

The waitlist is now past 1500 folks. To reserve your spot on the waitlist, go here.