Two years in the making, we’re finally ready to announce CoreKeep Wallet. Wallets are going to be a big deal going forward and more people enter the crypto ecosystem. We figure by the end of the decade, there is going to be a non-custodial wallet on every computer in the United States.

Unfortunately, the wallets today are very hard to use and suffer from some severe shortcomings.

Problem with today’s wallets

  1. Complicated to use. Most of the wallets are quite complex to use. Most wallets only support one coin and are designed to be used in the terminal. For wallets that do support multiple coins, the user interface for such wallets is quite clunky, and looks like it came from early 2000s. This makes it difficult to find wallets or transactions quickly.

  2. One seedphrase, one set of wallets. Another issue that we personally ran into with most wallets is that we could only have one set of wallets tied to a seed phrase. This was very limiting especially for currencies that only allowed you to have one receiving address, such as Ethereum.

  3. Poor security. Most of the wallets on the market do not have the greatest security of the box. Most of them do not encrypt sensitive information by default. The second class of wallets are ones that are integrated into the browser as an extension. This can open users up to a whole new set of exploits that wouldn’t be otherwise possible with a standalone app.

  4. Poor information awareness. There are over 1500 cryptocurrencies out there and keeping up with them can be a huge challenge. From finding realtime price, news, code check-ins, and community posts, this can be a daunting challenge. Sadly, most wallets fail to even provide accurate streaming price.

Enter CoreKeep Wallet!

We spent two years working to overcome a lot of these shortcomings outlined above. The result is a professional grade desktop application for Windows, macOS, and Linux that is able to handle multiple wallets across multiple workspaces with ease in a beautiful modern interface.

Multiple workspaces.

CoreKeep Dock

CoreKeep makes it easy to create multiple workspaces to handle different wallet sets. Each workspace has its own seed phrase. This innovative functionality allows you to easily manage different wallets sets at scale. For currencies that only allow one receiving address, the use of workspaces means you can now have different wallets for a coin with different receiving addresses.

Secure by default. Fully non-custodial.

When you fire up CoreKeep for the first time, it will prompt you to set your password. Each seedphrase for each workspace, is AES encrypted on disk by default. As long as your computer is secure, this gives you an added layer of protection.

CoreKeep is designed from the ground up as a standalone app. That means we do not integrate into your browser. This lowers the risk profile of your funds and shields you from an entire class of browser exploits that otherwise could cause catastrophic fund loss.

Complete information awareness.

Finding and keeping up with information about different cryptocurrencies can be difficult. CoreKeeps comes complete with a full informational terminal built right in. Users can bring up information such as streaming price, charts, news, code check-ins, and community posts right from within the wallet. All streamed in realtime.

CoreKeep Dock

Beautiful interface.

CoreKeep wallet is designed from the ground to deliver a great user experience. Easily find wallets, quickly switch between workspaces, and send and receive quickly with CoreKeep.


CoreKeep beta launches soon and we have opened up a wait list. You can find it here.