We’re excited to add Dogecoin to CoreKeep Wallet. You will be able to manage DOGE easily within CoreKeep’s state of the art wallet management system. This functionality is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

So why are we adding Dogecoin? Well, it is the future currency of humanity. Nuff' said.

Solid design

CoreKeep makes it really easy to manage multiple Doge wallets at scale an that is all thanks to CoreKeep’s good UI chops. You can easily change context between multiple HD workspaces and manage Doge wallets with ease. This makes creating multiple Dogecoin wallets easy.

Each wallet is also carefully designed so you can see balances, current streaming price, and transactions all in one view. No clicking around.

Swap liquidity

Dogecoin will be fully backed by CoreKeep with over $750MM USD in instant swap liquidity. This makes it easy to exchange your current holdings to XLM or swap to another currency. Regardless of chain! No sign-up required.


CoreKeep Wallet with Doge support is available immediately for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Check out our downloads page for more information.